Save time and money with an easy to use and very versatile software package called Global Mapper 12

I use it extensively in my  farm drainage business.

-        Provides direct access to the complete TerraServer-USA, satellite imagery and topographic map archive for the entire US free-of-charge within the application!

-       Provides easy, direct access to WMS data sources, including built-in access to the complete 30-m NED database, the 3-arc second world SRTM database, and color global Landsat imagery free-of-charge within the application!

-       Supports true 3D viewing of loaded elevation and 3D vector data including draping of any loaded imagery and vector data over the 3D surface.

-        Imports many types of GPS data easily, including DXF or ESRI Shape files

-        Generate Cross profiles by stretching a line across the map, even using multiple turning points.

-         WATERSHED DELINEATION! You can automatically determine stream flow and delineate the watersheds for those streams based on any loaded terrain surface data. The generated line and area features can then be exported to any support vector format, such as Shapefiles.

-        CONTOUR GENERATION! You can create contours for any combination of elevation data. You can also specify the contour interval to use. The generated contour data can then be exported to any of the supported vector export formats.

-        Advanced measurement capabilities, including multi-segment path lengths and headings, enclosed area, and cut-and-fill volume calculations either along a path or within an enclosed area.

Global Mapper v12
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Global Mapper v 12
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