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About Us
       Bill Word started the company in 1976 as “Bill’s Construction” when drainage in Hillsdale county was not very common. He started out with two Vermeer trenchers purchased in Texas. They were outfitted with Laser Control, which was cutting edge technology at that time. From there he moved up to a Hoes Gigant 762 Chain trencher that dramatically increased production and allowed him to get across very wet areas without getting stuck. In the 1980’s we moved to the dozer mounted plow machines that increased productivity 10 fold. Gone were the trencher days of pounding on rocks all day!
       In 1988 Bill decided to run for Hillsdale County Drain Commission and easily won. His knowledge of drainage and the relationship with the area farming community proved to be a valuable asset in the office of Drain Commissioner, and he went right to work updating a neglected county drainage network. It was at that time his son, Will, stepped in and began helping to run the drainage business. A couple years later, Will decided to purchase the company and re-named it to “Word Construction”.
      After a few years of running the Hoes Trencher and leasing a dozer plow, we purchased a specially designed Fiat-Allis HD21 plow from Canada. We had Holdwick Tiling build and on-board reel to carry the tile and forged ahead in the drainage business. We also expanded into Branch County where there were larger drainage systems and “grid tiling” was easily accepted.
       In 2008 we purchased a Bron 350 Drainage Plow from Mike Cook Soil and Water Management. It was equipped with RTK GPS machine control, on-board reel, auto tilt, and low ground pressure undercarriage. Production was again increased by all of these advancements, especially the GPS. By using GPS for elevation control instead of laser, surveying on foot was eliminated and not having to move the laser base multiple times per day saved a lot of time.
      Today we are constantly following the technological advancements in the industry to make sure we are doing the best job possible to provide our customers with a cost effective way to increase their productivity and above all, crop yields.